Accessories Extending your Linux laptop

Yes, we have everything you might conceivably want to add to one of our systems. The following accessories are all fully supported for use on our Linux laptops and notebooks. If you don't see the item you want, call us to see if it is supportable. We add new stuff all the time. Only the most common accessories are listed.

To ensure the best possible support for these accessories with Linux laptops, we must restrict our sales of accessories to EmperorLinux laptop and notebook customers only. Please feel free to use this page as a Linux compatibility guide.

Flash Storage
USB key 16GB $70.00
  • USB memory key for any system
  • 16GB portable thumb drive / usb key (larger sizes available)
  • yes, it works in linux (/dev/sdb)
  • great for storing ssh keys!
  • many systems will also boot from USB key