Depot Install Putting Linux on your laptop

EmperorLinux has offered top Lenovo, Dell, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Fujitsu, and Toshiba laptops with Linux pre-installed since 1999. We also have always been aware that people might find out about our company after having bought a system. Many of them have found laptop installs of Linux to be daunting (to say the least!), and have found themselves searching the net looking for tips. They very frequently find our site, and ask if we can help. If you are looking for full Linux hardware support, and are tired of spending days or weeks scouring the net for drivers and config files, we can help you.

It works as follows: you ship your machine to EmperorLinux, we install the Linux distribution of your choice on the system (making it dual boot with Windows, if you so desire), we ship it back to you along with a copy of the user's manual, and then we provide three (3) months of phone and email technical support. Basically, you get the full EmperorLinux experience just as though you had purchased the complete system from EmperorLinux (but with a shorter support period). A one day turn-around time is typical. (You send it overnight; we work on it the day it arrives and return it overnight.) If you are interested in this service, it is best to contact us for further details. The support period can be extended to a full year if needed.

These systems are currently supported by our Depot Install program:

  • Auk (IBM ThinkPad A series)
  • BlackPerl (Sony VAIO Z505, R505, V505 series)
  • Gazelle (Sony VAIO GR, GRX, GRT series)
  • Ibex V (Sony VAIO VX, Z1A series)
  • Kiwi (Sony VAIO C1, TR1 series)
  • Koala (Dell Latitude D410, D420 series)
  • Piranha (Fujitsu LifeBook P series)
  • Raven (IBM ThinkPad X20, X30, X40 series)
  • Rhino (Dell Latitude D800, D810 series)
  • SilverComet (Sony VAIO SR, SRX series)
  • Toucan (IBM ThinkPad T20, T30, T40 series)

If you purchased a laptop with which we do not have any experience, we will want to take some evaluation time to make sure that we can support the machine before committing to the installation. We want to make sure you get the most out of your Linux laptop experience!