Depot Install Putting Linux on your laptop
The models below are eligible for our depot install service. This service does not include the laptop itself - you must ship us the laptop on which we will install Linux. As such, the prices listed are for only this service, and not the actual laptop.

BlackPerl R Image Sony Vaio R505

BlackPerl RDS: $350.00
BlackPerl RDL: $350.00
BlackPerl RD: $350.00
BlackPerl RES: $350.00
BlackPerl REC: $350.00
BlackPerl RGC: $350.00
Blackperl RJE: $350.00
BlackPerl RJL: $350.00
BlackPerl RJS: $350.00
Blackperl RTE: $350.00
BlackPerl RTL: $350.00
BlackPerl RTS: $350.00

BlackPerl Image Sony Vaio V505

BlackPerl VA: $400.00