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HardwareLowRhino Specifications RangeHigh
Processor1.1 GHz      2.4-3.1 GHz 3.1 GHz
Hard Drive128 GB    256-512 GB  512 GB
RAM512 MB     8 G-64 G  16 GB
LCD Size7.0"      15.6"-17.3"17.3"
LCD Res1024x768       1920x10801920x1200
OpticalNone    Blu-ray
Weight1.2 lb      6.0-7.8 lb 7.9 lb
Price$1900   $1900-$4780    $5480
I7Q: Intel Core i7 Quad   I7D: Intel Core i7 Duo   I5D: Intel Core i5 Duo  
I3D: Intel Core i3 Duo   CEL4: Intel Celeron Quad   E3Q: Intel Xeon E3 Quad  
M5D: Intel Core m5 Duo  

CPU clock in GHz    RAM in MB    Disk in GB