Why? Why choose EmperorLinux laptops?
EmperorLinux is the source for professional grade Linux laptops.

EmperorLinux provides Linux laptops with full hardware support under Linux. Since 1999, we have supplied systems to a wide range of customers, including engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and astronomers at over 50 different government labs and over 200 universities. We have supplied hundreds of corporate clients, as well.

If you use Linux in these environments, EmperorLinux is your sole source.

EmperorLinux has been supplying Linux laptops since 1999.

When you purchase a Linux laptop, you generally want to get 3-4 years of service from the machine. You should therefore buy from a company that has proven staying power. In a market where other vendors come and go, you need to select a laptop provider that has healthily weathered the storms of the dot-com bust and has the tenacity and commitment to be here for you for the long haul. We have been here for the entire history of the Linux laptop idea, and we are its future.

Our technical staff has over 60 man-years of Linux experience.

Our founder Lincoln Durey, Ph.D., has hand picked a team of Linux experts. Most have been using Linux from its very earliest days (Slackware in 1994). Besides maintaining our own kernel (the empkernel), our staff members have maintained a well known Linux distribution and ported that distribution to new architectures. In their spare time, they play with their own Linux distribution, and even write OS kernels. Our Linux wizards are at your service before and after the sale.

Select the specifications that are right for you.

EmperorLinux approaches the question of what you need in a Linux laptop with more flexibility than any other vendor. You choose the type of machine you want. You choose the distribution you want. You can choose to have a dual-boot machine. You can specify your partitions.

The only out-of-the-box Linux laptop experience.

Yes, many of our customers have installed their own Linux laptops in the past. They come to us to save the time and frustration. Even Linux experts can spend weeks getting a modern laptop to play nice with Linux. EmperorLinux systems have full hardware support under Linux and are ready to use out-of-the-box. For our customers, the value of their saved time significantly outweighs the cost of our service.

A wealth of detailed technical information.

Our KnowledgeBase has technical information on nearly every laptop made since 1999. We have collected these laptops' lspci output and maintain a list of hardware compatibility tests for each system. Each system we ship is put through these tests to ensure complete support for your hardware.

Our laptops are regularly reviewed.

We are so confident in the quality of our systems, our installs, and our support that we regularly send our laptops to the Linux press for independent review. Our reviews have always come back strongly positive. Our customers also provide feedback about the quality of our service. This gives you assurance that our products, service, and support are as good as we say.

Our systems are based on brand-name laptops.

When it is time to spend $2000, $3000, or even more on a Linux laptop, you want a machine made of quality components and backed up by name-brand warranty coverage. Since we use only the highest quality systems from Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony, and Fujitsu, you are assured of a system that will stand up to your demands for years to come.

We offer Linux laptops you can't get anywhere else.

EmperorLinux offers Linux laptops with unique features that you can't get anywhere else. The first of these was the Molecule RD3D, using Sharp's ground-breaking Auto-Stereo 3D display. Our current offerings include Panasonic's ToughBook line of rugged and semi-rugged Linux laptops. We also offer the world's first line of fully-functional Linux tablets, the Raven tablet (based on the ThinkPad X series).

Our OEMs know we install Linux, and we have their blessing.

We are an official Lenovo Business Partner, a Dell Registered Partner, a ToughBook Premier Partner Program (TP3) Reseller, a Sony Solutions Provider, a Fujitsu Channel Partner, and a Sharp Value Added Reseller. These manufacturers are aware that we put Linux on their laptops. You have the full manufacturers' hardware warranty when you purchase an EmperorLinux system.