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  1. How do I use the Compare Systems page?

  1. Q:How do I use the Compare Systems page? ( by elf on Nov 17 04, 15:22 )

    To use the Compare Systems table, click on the heading of each column to sort the table by that item. Click the column heading again to sort in reverse order. For example, click on Weight to sort the systems from lightest to heaviest. Then, click Weight a second time to sort from heaviest to lightest.

    The systems start out sorted alphabetically by the EmperorLinux machine name. After that, each column has its own default order for its first sort.

    System, based on, weight, and price all sort from smallest to largest by default (or in standard alphabetical order).

    CPU, LCD, RAM, hard drive, and optical drive all sort from largest to smallest by default (or in reverse alphabetical order).

    You can also compare the detailed specifications of up to three systems side-by-side by selecting the checkboxes to the left of those systems' names, then clicking the "Compare Selected Side-by-Side" button located below the chart.