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If ultimate portability is what you crave, then we have the Linux laptop for you. The possibilities are limitless when your Linux box is smaller than a textbook, but still provides a full suite of laptop features.


If you want a highly portable Linux system, but your needs dictate a fast processor and lots of RAM, these are the Linux laptops for you. These mid-size systems include higher resolution FHD displays, while remaining thin and light for portability.


Need serious portable Linux power? Some users require huge screens and cutting edge processors. If a little extra weight doesn't matter, these systems offer desktop power in a notebook. These machines have huge, crystal-clear LCDs (3K and 4K/UHD), internal Blu-ray burners, Quad-core-hyperthreaded (8-way) CPUs, and up to 64GB RAM (some with ECC).

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Our Linux tablet systems offer handwriting recognition. The integral pen/digitizer is pressure sensitive, allowing you to write on the screen and convert into text. Tablets can also be used in standard laptop mode.


Using Linux in very harsh environments? Our MIL-spec rugged systems have been tested resistant to one meter drops, dust, water, vibrations, and more. They also have internal GPS receivers and 4G/LTE modems to keep you connected in the field.