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The Caiman (Dell Latitude ATG) is our most ecconomical semi-rugged Linux laptop.  The Caiman ATG carries a MIL-STD-810F certification for ruggedness and offers a selection of processor, RAM, hard drive size, optical drive, and more.
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Configuring: Caiman Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme (Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme w/Linux) :
Call to Order: 1-888-651-6686
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Total: $
1. CPU:
(add $280)
2. LCD (Wide Screen):
(add $50)
3. Video Card:
4. Memory:
(subtract $60)
(add $200)
5. Hard Drive:
(add $350)
(add $700)
(add $990)
6. Wireless:
7. Mobile Broadband (Linux support: wireless cellular data modem):
(add $200)
8. Global Positioning System:
(add $450)
9. Keyboard:
(add $250)
10. Battery options:
11. Optical Drive:
If you require a rugged system with internal optical drive, please configure the Tarantula CF-31.
(add $100)
12. Dell HW Warranty (details):
(add $140)
(add $110)
(add $280)
(add $210)
(add $400)
Total: $

Call to Order: 1-888-651-6686