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The Raptor (ThinkPad W540/W550s series by Lenovo) Linux laptop features a 3.0 GHz i7-4940MX Quad Core CPU, two internal solid state hard drives, 32 GB RAM, and a 15.6" 1920x1200 LCD with NVidia graphics and 2 GB video RAM.
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Configuring: Toucan T440 (Lenovo T440 w/Linux) :
Call to Order: 1-888-651-6686
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Total: $
1. CPU:
(subtract $100)
(add $170)
2. LCD (Wide Screen):
For a higher resolution 15.6" LCD, configure the Toucan T540
(subtract $50)
(add $200)
3. Video Card:
For higher-end Nvidia graphics with more video ram, configure the Toucan W540 with NVIDIA Quadro FX, For NVIDIA Quadro graphics with up to 2GB video ram, configure the Rhino M6800
4. Memory:
i5 has only 1 DIMM slot, i7 motherboard has 4GB soldered onto the MB, and a DIMM slot
(add $80)
(add $80)
(add $210)
5. Biometrics:
6. Camera:
7. Keyboard:
8. Hard Drive:
(add $220)
(add $320)
(add $570)
9. Micro Hard Drive:
(add $50)
10. Wireless:
(add $30)
(add $40)
11. Mobile Broadband WWAN (wireless cellular data modem):
(add $280)
12. Battery options:
13. Lenovo HW Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection:
(subtract $120)
(subtract $30)
(subtract $80)
(subtract $5)
(subtract $50)
(add $80)
(add $20)
(add $130)
(add $160)
(add $100)
(add $230)
(add $110)
(add $260)
(add $230)
(add $450)
Total: $

Call to Order: 1-888-651-6686

Select another model:

SystemCPULCDRAMDiskBase Price
Raptor W5412.5 I7Q15.6" @ 1920x10808 G500$2500.00 C
Raptor W541 NV2.8 I7Q15.5" @ 2880x16208 G256S$3100.00 C
Raptor W550s2.4 I7D15.6" @ 1920x10808 G500$2300.00 O