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The Raptor (ThinkPad P51/P51s/P71 series by Lenovo) Linux laptop features a Core i7 Quad or Xeon E3 Quad CPU, up to 64 GB RAM, and up to a 17.3" 4K 3840x2160 display with NVidia graphics.
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Configuring: Raptor W541 NV (Lenovo W541 w/Linux) :
Call to Order: 1-888-651-6686
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Total: $
1. CPU:
2. LCD (Wide Screen):
For 3K 2880x1620 LCD, configure the Raptor W541-3K
3. Video Card:
4. Memory:
(add $100)
(add $300)
5. Hard Drive:
(subtract $250)
(subtract $170)
(subtract $90)
(add $200)
(add $450)
(add $700)
6. Micro Hard Drive (mSATA):
7. Optical Drive Bay:
(add $180)
(add $260)
8. Biometrics:
9. Camera:
10. Keyboard:
11. Expansion slots:
12. Wireless:
13. Mobile Broadband WWAN (wireless cellular data modem):
(add $280)
14. Battery options:
15. Docking Solution:
(add $220)
(add $270)
16. Lenovo HW Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection:
(add $160)
(add $135)
(add $175)
Total: $

Call to Order: 1-888-651-6686

Select another model:

SystemCPULCDRAMBase Price
Raptor P53 4K2.6 I7S15.6" @ 3840x216016 G$3450.00 C
Raptor P712.6 I7S17.3" @ 1920x108016 G$3550.00 C