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ethernet, WiFi, and GOBI.  See our other X series models, as well.
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All systems come with Linux Pre-Configured using the empkernel to provide full hardware support (dual boot available), our user's manual, and one year of toll-free phone and email tech support.

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Manufacturer InfoEmperorLinux Raven X60 Tablet (ThinkPad X60tab by Lenovo)
Pre-installed LinuxFedora LogoUbuntu LogoRed Hat Enterprise Linux LogoCentOS LogoDebian LogoSuSE LogoSlackware Logo
Processor and RAM1667 Mhz Core Duo L2400 w/ 2048 KB cache (667 MHz FSB)
1 GB (slot 1) + 1 GB (slot 2)
4 GB max supported RAM, 667 MHz clock speed
GraphicsFull Linux support: 12.1"SXGA+ at 1400x1050
Full Linux support: Intel i950 GMA
External display:
Full Linux support: VGA (Tri-state)
Disks100 GB Hard Disk @ 5400 rpm (SATA1/150: 1.5 Gb/s)
Full Linux support: DVD+/-RW Drive (included w/ UltraBase)
NetworkingFull Linux support: 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet (e1000)
Full Linux support: 56 Kbps Modem
Full Linux support: 802.11a/b/g (54Mbps) WiFi
Full Linux support: Bluetooth (2 Mbps)
SoundFull Linux support: Internal 44.1kHz stereo sound chip
Battery8-cell, 4.5 Amp Hours
Estimated Life: 6 hours
Power ManagementACPI compliant BIOS
Full Linux support: Hibernate to Disk
PortsFull Linux support: 3 USB
Full Linux support: 1 Cardbus (PCMCIA)
Full Linux support: 1 Firewire
Full Linux support: 1 RJ45 (ethernet)
Full Linux support: 1 VGA
Full Linux support: 1 Secure Digital
Size3.76 pounds
10.8in (w) x 10.5in (d) x 1.3in (t)
Keyboard18.2 mm pitch, 2.5 mm stroke
87 key U.S. layout
Full Linux support: Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
Dual Boot OptionsManufacturer OS: Vista Bus.
"Blue Keys"Full Linux support: Volume Up: [Volume Up]
Full Linux support: Volume Down: [Volume Down]
Full Linux support: Volume Off: [Mute]
Full Linux support: LCD Brightness Up: [Fn][Home]
Full Linux support: LCD Brightness Down: [Fn][End]
Full Linux support: Toggle External VGA: [Fn][F7]
Full Linux support: Hibernate to Disk: [Fn][F12]
Special NotesTablet features
WarrantiesSystem: 36 months (full Lenovo factory warranty)
Battery: 12 months
Included AccessoriesAC Adapter

Full Linux support: = Full Linux support   Partial Linux support: = Partial Linux support    No Linux support: = No Linux support   

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Raven X1 Carbon G42.4 I5D14" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- -- Y4 CN$2100.00 C
Raven X1 Carbon G42.6 I7D14" @ 2560x144016 G512 -- -- Y4 CN$3180.00 C
Raven X1 Yoga G12.5 I7D14" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- -- Y4 CN$2900.00 S
Raven X1 Yoga G12.5 I7D14" @ 2560x14408 G512 -- -- Y4 CN$3070.00 S
Raven X2602.4 I5D12.5" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- -- Y6 CY$2200.00 C
Raven X2602.6 I7D12.5" @ 1920x108016 G512 -- -- Y6 CY$2870.00 C

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