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LWOSS NY 2007 LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit 2007 in New York
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EmperorLinux regularly visits trade shows on the east and west coasts of the US. Trade shows give our customers a chance to talk to our Linux experts and try out a selection of our latest Linux laptops. We appeared at the LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit in New York from Feb. 14-15, 2007. We were in the Solutions Showcase in booth 17.

Highlights of our LWOSS NY 2007 presence included:

  • Experiencing a full range of business-ready Linux laptop solutions, including the Rhino D820
  • Trying handwriting recognition on Linux with the Raven X60 tablet (our second-generation Linux tablet)
  • Hands on experience with the new Tarantula CF-30 touchscreen rugged Linux laptop with full MIL-SPEC certification
  • Meeting and talking tech with EmperorLinux Founder & CEO Lincoln Durey
  • In depth discussion of 64-bit Linux on Core 2 Duo laptops
  • Cost savings analysis: migrating your users to Linux laptops

Interested customers were invited to attend the LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit as our VIP guests. Some of the highlights of the VIP program included:

  • Free admission to Sponsor Showcase as a guest of EmperorLinux
  • Signing up with our Priority Code for $200 off the 2-Day Conference Pass

The Raven X60 tablet is the evolution of the Raven X41 tablet, the first fully-supported Linux-based tablet ever available. This second generation machine offers a higher resolution 1400x1050 LCD; faster, dual-core CPU; and larger hard drives. You'll be encouraged to try out the X60 tablet running Linux, including open-source handwriting recognition, tablet buttons, dynamic screen rotation, on-screen keyboard, and many other features.

The Tarantula CF-30, based on the Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 enjoys a MIL-STD-810F certification for ruggedness and has a touchscreen LCD with both pen and finger input. These systems will allow military, police, and corporate IT departments with a requirement to use Linux in harsh outdoor field conditions to enjoy a fully supported mil-spec rugged Linux laptop. Strong ruggedness means the system will last much longer than typical commercial-grade laptops in harsh conditions. Having internal WiFi, cellular data, and GPS makes the unit fully self-contained, with no need to attach external GPS receivers or external cellular communications devices.