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Toll free:888-651-6686
In Georgia:770-612-1205
Email: order@EmperorLinux.com
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You don't offer the machine in have mind; what can I do?
EmperorLinux provides the highest quality Linux laptops and notebooks available. We also strive to provide a selection of systems that will meet most users' needs, but there are a lot of portable computers in the world. If our ThinkPads by Lenovo (formerly by IBM), Dell Latitudes, Panasonic ToughBooks, or Sony VAIOs aren't what you need or want, then maybe you need a custom machine. The best way to get started is to give us a call or email us and tell us what specific model you are interested in.
What kind of systems can I custom order?

EmperorLinux will evaluate any laptop that you can suggest to determine if it is a candidate for a custom order. Examples that we have experience with include:

  • Dell: All Latitudes (C series, D410, D610), all Inspirons (XPS, 9300, 700m), Precision Workstation
  • IBM/Lenovo: All X, T, A, and R series
  • Sony: C1, SR, VX, R505, GR, and TR series and more
  • Toshiba: Portege 3490, R100, Tecra M4, Libretto U100/U105
  • Fujitsu: Lifebook P-2000, P-2040 (Crusoe), P-5010
  • Panasonic: T1, T2, W2 series
  • Gateway: Solo 9300
Can I custom order an imported (non-US) laptop?
EmperorLinux will install Linux on custom-ordered imported systems, but be aware that importing Japanese models is very expensive.
How much does a custom machine cost?
The price of a custom machine varies widely, but is based on a combination of the base cost of the machine (converted to US dollars, as appropriate), import shipping cost and duties, and the cost of our service. When you contact us about a specific machine, our experts will provide a detailed quote.
How quickly will I receive my order?
Delivery time for a custom machine varies widely, but is based on a combination of the time required to receive the machine from the manufacturer and the time need to install Linux and test the installation. When you contact us about a specific machine, our experts will provide a delivery estimate.
What if I've already purchased the laptop?
If you have an older system that we used to have for sale on our site, and want to have Linux professionally installed and supported, we offer our Depot Install service.

If you have questions that weren't answered here, please call us toll free at 1-888-651-6686 to talk to one of our experienced Linux engineers about your requirements and the systems that might meet them. Or you can send us an email at order@EmperorLinux.com. We will call or email you within one business day to answer any questions you might have and complete your order.