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Order toll-free at 1-888-651-6686
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Toll free:888-651-6686
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Email: order@EmperorLinux.com
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Does EmperorLinux ship internationally?
Yes, EmperorLinux ships internationally. For an estimate of shipping charges, please contact us.
What taxes and duties apply?
There are no taxes or duties assessed on this end, so all you pay us is the product cost plus the shipping. You are responsible, however, for any import duties or V.A.T. taxes that are assessed by your Customs. Our customers' experience has been that V.A.T. is typically the same 16-19% you would pay on any local purchase, and import duties are typically 3-4%; both numbers vary by country. Some universities are exempt from import duties, and some companies and universities are exempt from V.A.T. for certain products.
Will my AC adapter work?
All modern laptop AC power adapters are world-rated and can accept 50-60Hz and 100-220V input. The only thing you would need to get is the appropriate plug adapter.
Can I get non-US hardware?
EmperorLinux does not have access to European specification machines at this time.
Will tech support be provided?
The year of Linux technical support provided by EmperorLinux applies to international orders.
What about international warranties?

Our systems are based on US and North American market laptops. This means that you get full manufacturer hardware support in the US and Canada. This also means that you may not get manufacturer hardware support outside the US and Canada.

We can upgrade the warranties on our Lenovo, Dell, and Panasonic systems to have international coverage. The Sharp and Sony warranties are North America-only, since they don't sell the same systems in Europe. Barring that, you would have to ship the system to a US service center.

If you have questions that weren't answered here, please call us toll free at 1-888-651-6686 to talk to one of our experienced Linux engineers about your requirements and the systems that might meet them. Or you can send us an email at order@EmperorLinux.com. We will call or email you within one business day to answer any questions you might have and complete your order.