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Toucan T430s2.5 I5D14" @ 1366x7684 G500DVD+/-RW:DLY6 CN$1580.00 C
Toucan T430s2.6 I5D14" @ 1600x9004 G500DVD+/-RW:DLY6 CN$1850.00 C
Toucan T430s2.9 I7D14" @ 1600x9008 G240SDVD+/-RW:DLY6 CN$2650.00 C
Toucan T4401.9 I5D14" @ 1600x9004 G500 -- Y6 CN$1800.00 C
Toucan T4402.1 I7D14" @ 1600x9008 G256S -- Y6 CN$2300.00 C
Toucan T440s2.1 I7D14" @ 1920x10808 G256S -- Y6 CN$2900.00 C
Toucan T5302.5 I5D15.6" @ 1366x7684 G320DVD+/-RW:DL -- 6 CN$1470.00 C
Toucan T5302.6 I5D15.6" @ 1600x9004 G500DVD+/-RW:DLY9 CN$1800.00 C
Toucan T5302.9 I7D15.6" @ 1920x10808 G750DVD+/-RW:DLY9 CN$2530.00 C
Toucan W540 NV2.4 I7Q15.6" @ 1920x10808 G500DVD+/-RW:DLY9 CN$2400.00 C
Toucan W540 NV3.0 I7Q15.5" @ 2880x162032 G750SDVD+/-RW:DLY9 CN$5200.00 C

S: Stock, Order Today  O: Order ships in 3-5 days  C: Configurable, 7-10 days  
L: Ltd. Avail., Call  

Full hardware support in Linux provided by the empkernel on:
Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Slackware, and Mandrake

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