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EmperorLinux provides the finest Linux installation that you will find on a laptop computer. We will give you an out-of-the-box Linux laptop experience of the same quality that you get when buying a laptop from a major manufacturer. (Or an even better experience, since we'll treat you like a person every time you talk to us, and the laptop will run Linux.)

Life Cycle of an EmperorLinux Laptop Order
Choosing a Laptop

The obvious first step in ordering a laptop from EmperorLinux is deciding that you want a new laptop and that it needs to run Linux. From there, things get more interesting.

If you don't already have a good idea what laptop you want or which manufacturer you prefer, we can help you narrow down your selections. Our Compare Systems table lets you sort through our laptops according to the metric you choose (e.g., fast processor or light weight).

The experts responding to your email and phone calls can help you turn your list of hardware and software needs and the things you plan to do with your system into concrete laptop suggestions. They will also talk technical details with you, to let you prove to yourself that we know laptops and we know Linux.

If you don't find what you want after comparing our systems and talking to our staff, there are still options open to you. If you already own a laptop and want us to install Linux on it and support it like one of our own, you can try our depot install service. If there's a system you're set on having that we don't offer, talk to us about a custom laptop order.

Placing an Order

When you've picked a laptop, then we can set about truly customizing the system to meet your needs. The customizations that EmperorLinux offers take several forms:

  • Customize the laptop hardware. In some cases, this is simply choosing between 2-8 different standard configurations, like for the Toucan, or the ultimate, feature-by-feature configuration of systems like the Rhino.
  • Select your Linux distribution. Choose your favorite Linux distribution from among our current offerings. At this time, you will also be offered the opportunity to select from the available dual boot options for your laptop.
  • Lay out your partitions. We know that different people have different requirements for their hard drives. We can recommend our standard partition layout, or maybe you need that extra /data partition.
  • Accessorize. Sometimes laptops just don't come with everything you need installed internally. Our selection of Linux-compatible accessories can help you fill in those additional requirements, from additional RAM to SCSI cards.

When all of the configuring is done, then all that remains are the usual details of placing an order. Just call or email us, and we'll get your order started.

EmperorLinux Gets Your Laptop

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience with Linux on your new EmperorLinux laptop. With that goal in mind, we prepare your laptop for you.

  • We install your selected distribution. We install the base version of the Linux distribution you selected. This provides all the standard user-level software packages you'll use day-to-day on your system, such as gcc, Perl, OpenOffice.org, GIMP, web browsers, and mail readers. We set up the remainder of the partitions to your specifications. If you opted for dual boot, we shrink the manufacturers' Windows partition to the size you wanted.
  • We install our laptop-specific kernel. All EmperorLinux systems come with a custom kernel specially tailored to support all of the hardware on your laptop.
  • We configure your Linux distribution. We install additional software packages and provide configuration files to ensure full hardware support for your laptop under Linux.
  • We install and configure internal accessories. If you order internal accessories with your EmperorLinux laptop, such as RAM, we will install them for you and perform the necessary configuration.
  • We test your Linux laptop. We run a battery of tests on your freshly-installed Linux laptop, including X, sound, networking (wired and wireless), and more.
You Get Your Laptop

In most cases, you'll receive your laptop the day after we do. For machines with standard configurations, like the Meteor, this may be as little as a day or two after you place your order. For highly configurable machines, like the Rhino, it may take as long as two weeks for us to receive it.

EmperorLinux ships your laptop overnight (and insured) using FedEx. Someone will need to sign for the laptop when it arrives. Of all the carriers we've used, FedEx has provided us with the most reliable service. (Other shipping arrangements are available by request.)

When you open the box, you'll find your laptop and our machine-specific user's manual. It will help you get started with your new Linux laptop, as well as providing details about more advanced topics.

After You Get Your Laptop

When you get your laptop, you begin your one year (12 months) of toll-free phone and email Linux technical support provided by EmperorLinux. To keep you posted on new kernel releases and other developments, we also offer several low-volume, targeted mailing lists.

If you opted for a dual boot system, any Windows support is provided by the original equipment manufacturer. All of our systems come with the full manufacturers' warranties.

We are so sure you will find our products to be the best portable Linux available anywhere that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Systems must be in original condition; scratches, dents and any other breakage will void this guarantee. Full details are available in our return policy.

EmperorLinux is committed to providing the best possible Linux laptop installation, to customer satisfaction, and to giving back to the Linux community. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve, we would love to hear them.

What Our Customers Say

Our customers aren't afraid to speak their minds and share their experiences with their EmperorLinux laptops.

  • Read testimonials written by real, live EmperorLinux customers about their laptops and our Linux technical support.
  • We regularly send review units out to the Linux press to have independent and un-biased reviews of our laptops done. See what the Linux experts have to say.