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  1. Dec 18th 2000 EmperorLinux Introduces the Toucan T21
    EmperorLinux announces the Toucan. The Toucan offers the largest 1400x1050 display in only 4.6 pounds. They come with Pentium III 850's, up to 512 MB RAM, and 32 GB drives. This system is based on the IBM ThinkPad T21.
  2. Nov 4th 2000 EmperorLinux Kiwi Upgraded to VN Series
    EmperorLinux announces the Kiwi VN, Sony's latest PictureBook. Replacing the Kiwi XS, this system is the first in the US to offer Transmeta's 600MHz Crusoe chip. It also comes with 128 MB RAM, 12 GB hard drive, 8.9" 1024x480 LCD, and integrated digital camera, and weighs in at only 2.2 lbs. This system is based on the Sony VAIO C1VN.
  3. Oct 12th 2000 Atlanta Linux Showcase This Week
    Most of our EmperorLinux staff will be spending the rest of the week at the Atlanta Linux Showcase held in Atlanta's Cobb Galleria Centre. We'll be in booth 423 with selection of our laptops and notebooks. For those who can make it to the show, we look forward to your visit. For those who try to contact us during this time, we thank you in advance for your patience.
  4. Sep 28th 2000 Transmeta Crusoe Linux Laptop Coming Soon
    Crusoe is coming soon! EmperorLinux will be the first to offer a laptop running Linux on Transmeta's new 600 MHz Crusoe chip. In mid to late October, Sony will ship their latest PictureBook. The Kiwi VN is to have a 600 MHz Transmeta Crusoe chip, 128 MB RAM, 12 GB drive, 8.9" 1024x480 LCD, integrated digital camera, and weigh only 2.2 lbs. The power savings of the Crusoe chip should allow up to two and a half to three hours computing time on the included battery. The Kiwi VN will have full hardware support under either Red Hat 6.2 or 7.0.
  5. Sep 7th 2000 Tech Support Extended to a Full Year from Purchase
    The tech support guys here are getting bored, no one ever calls or e-mails them. Of course maybe it has to do with the quality we put into our systems. So, in an effort to keep them busy, we have extended our standard support to be for a full year (12 months) from the purchase date. My bet is they still won't call...
  6. Sep 1st 2000 EmperorLinux Introduces the Tiger
    EmperorLinux announces the Tiger series. The Tiger series are customizable full-function full-size notebooks equipped with Pentium III's, up to 512 MB RAM, and very nice high-resolution displays. Tigers can be had with 1024x768, 1400x1050, or even 1600x1200 resolution LCDs,
  7. Aug 26th 2000 EmperorLinux Rhino Price Reduced
    We have significantly dropped the prices on the Rhino laptops. Just in time for the start of school. The Rhino is the ideal office or dorm system, with a 1400x1050 amazingly clear LCD, and up to 30 GB/512 MB. You can even use it to burn CDs for archiving mp3's or giving Linux to your fiends. And it's no problem to fit this in even the tiniest dorm room.
  8. Jul 28th 2000 EmperorLinux Introduces the SilverComet
    EmperorLinux announces the SilverComet series. The SilverComet is the latest in full-function ultra-portable Linux laptops. Weighing in a under 3 pounds, and packed with a 600 MHz PIII, 12 GB disk, and 1024x768 resolution, this system is your go anywhere, do anything Linux solution.
  9. Jun 26th 2000 USB Support Now Available on All Systems
    EmperorLinux announces official USB support on all systems. Having offered experimental USB support from late in 1999, we have now determined that USB is ready for "official" inclusion in our 2.2 kernels. This includes USB floppies, Zip drives, mice, and more. We have structured our USB support to be as easy to use as our parallel-port and PCMCIA accessories have been. Of course, there is full phone support from us on these devices.
  10. Jun 23rd 2000 EmperorLinux Introduces the Orca F5x0 Series
    EmperorLinux announces the Orca series. Various Orca models will be available starting in late June and mid July. Orcas are based on the Sony VAIO F5x0 series. These systems range up to 750 MHz PIII with 256 MB RAM, 18 GB drives and 15" LCD's. They will replace the Gazelle.
  11. May 5th 2000 EmperorLinux Introduces the Rhino
    EmperorLinux announces the Rhino series. The Rhino is available in three flavors, the Rhino 1024, Rhino 1280, and Rhino 1400. These are the most powerful, cutting-edge Linux notebooks we have seen. The Rhino is not really portable, but with stunning 1400x1050 X resolution on the LCD, 25 GB of disk, and half a GIG of RAM, no wonder it weighs over 10 pounds.
  12. Apr 19th 2000 EmperorLinux Introduces the Kiwi
    EmperorLinux announces the Kiwi series. The Kiwi is available in two models, the Kiwi and the Kiwi S. These are the smallest full-function Linux laptops yet created. The Kiwi is 2.5 pounds, with an amazing 1024x480 X display. The Kiwi S is packed with a PII-400, 128 MB, and 12 GB of drive space, in only 2.2 pounds.
  13. Apr 5th 2000 802.11 Wireless Support Now Available on All Systems
    Wireless ethernet is here. EmperorLinux now offers and supports 802.11 wireless ethernet devices. Now you are free to roam about the office or lab with your Three Pound Linux, and surf all the while. Not looking forward to stringing CAT-5 all through the house? Problem solved.
  14. Mar 3rd 2000 EmperorLinux Offers the Distribution of Your Choice
    EmperorLinux now offers a choice of Linux distributions to customers. Red Hat will remain the standard distribution, but Slackware, Debian, Mandrake and others will now be available to customers who prefer those flavors.
  15. Feb 23rd 2000 EmperorLinux Introduces the Gazelle F4x0 Series
    EmperorLinux announces the Gazelle series. Various Gazelle models will be available starting in late February and mid-March. Gazelles are based on the Sony VAIO F4x0 series. These systems range up to 650 MHz PIII with 256 MB RAM, 18 GB drives and 15" LCD's.
  16. Feb 21st 2000 EmperorLinux BlackPerl Upgraded to ZH Series
    EmperorLinux announces the addition of the BlackPerl ZHE and ZHS to the BlackPerl Z series. Based on the Sony VAIO Z505HE and Z505HS, the ZHE and ZHS have huge disks, lots of RAM and Pentium III processors (450 and 500 MHz) all in only 3.75 pounds. They also feature on-board 10/100 Mbps ethernet. The Z's feature full hardware support under Linux, including X, APM, stereo sound, and ethernet.
  17. Feb 12th 2000 EmperorLinux Laptops Available at the Linux General Store
    EmperorLinux now offers its systems at the Linux General Store, in downtown Atlanta. This allows customers to see and play with our systems before buying.
  18. Jan 22nd 2000 EmperorLinux Expands Available Accessories
    EmperorLinux expands its accessories offerings. In addition to the RAM and ethernet cards we have always offered, we now will be better equipped to offer a complete one-stop shopping experience for the portable Linux crowd. Offerings are updated regularly, and include CD-ROM drives, SCSI PCMCIA cards, modems, and carrying cases. All EmperorLinux accessories have been verified by our research staff to work effortlessly in our Linux laptops and notebooks.

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